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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  January 6, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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it gone. again, thanks for watching us tonight. miss megyn has one of these. she does. i've seen it. she's next. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember, spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, the republican party now firmly in control of capitol hill but instead of compromise the white house is already vowing vetoes and looking like it's ready to go it alone with even more executive actions. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone, i'm megyn kelly. earlier today the brand new congress was sworn in, with kentucky senator mitch mcconnell now officially becoming the new majority leader and speaker of the house john boehner fending off challenges from members of his own party to hold on to his leadership post as well. more than an hour before house members could even raise their right hands and take the oath of office, the obama administration
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drawing a line in the sand, promising the president will veto the popular keystone pipeline even though it has bipartisan support and huge support among the american people. and that's not all. despite his party's big midterm losses, we're hearing rumblings that president obama even feels emboldened to take on republicans during his final years in office. chief white house correspondent ed henry reports. >> the bottom line is the president's aides tell me he feels liberatedd after the midterm election. he met with a bipartisan group of governors, not meeting with congressional republicans who will be here at the white house next tuesday, though. he talked about cooperation in his remarks, cooperating with speaker john boehner and senator mitch mcconnell but might have sent the opposite message with his actions ss suggests he's really planning to go around this new congress by having aides declare
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he's planning to veto legislation that would change health care law by restoring a 40-hour work week but no coincidence after weeks of hedging on whether he'd veto a bill authorizing the keystone xl pipeline he chose this day of new beginnings to say yes the president will veto keystone, something i pressed josh earnest about. you've been sitting on this for a while, we don't know yet. day one, we veto this bill. doesn't that send an odd signal for cooperation? >> to pick up on your metaphor about pipelines that good feelings flows both ways. >> they believe the onus is now on republicans to show they can gofb earn. but gop leaders push back by saying the president is not listening to the american people and the result of that midterm election when he not only issues veto threats but is teeing up even more executive action. >> ed henry. my next guest will play a key role in how the senate moves
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forward. utah senator mike lee is republican and member of the institute judiciary committee. he was just named one of four counselors to the majority leader. senator, good to see you tonight. this is a big deal now because you have been a tea party backed senator and somebody who at times has been critical of the so-called establishment republicans and now you are sort of aligned with them counseled to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. what does that say? why did you accept? >> i was selected by my colleagues in the senate as the chairman of the senate steering committee, and one of the roles of the senate steering committee is to help develop policy. conservative policy agenda issues. to move forward, to take to the american people, to improve and expand the middle class, to help people get out of poverty and to do all of that by harnessing the power of conservative principles. >> for those who say senator lee, he's a tea partier he's
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selling out, going with mitch mckonl who some tea party affiliated folks don't like. they think he's too establishment. what do you say? are you abandoning any of your tea party ties? is there a movement away from those ties in general in congress right now? >> this is an effort by mitch mcconnell who i would like to con congratulate on becoming our leader, that he wants to unify the party, bring people in from all segments within the senate republican conference and to push forward a bold new agenda, one that will help expand economic opportunity in america. >> what do you make of it? because some folks just the regular mainstream media looked at what happened over in the house with john boehner not getting the support of all republicans, 25 either chose to vote present or for somebody other than him for house speaker and they talked about oh, it's a big schism and they're fighting on a day they should be
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celebrating. you read some of the writeups from yahoo! and they talk about how that fact really shows an awkward display of gop schisms at a time when party leaders really want to show that they won't be forced by tea party legislators into unwinnable and unpopular showdowns with president obama. your take on that? >> well first of all, ipg those who want that to be true that is, those that want to say the gop is in disarray are the most likely to say that. it doesn't make it true. look, megyn, at the beginning of any congress, you have a handful of procedural votes and see some elections dealing with leadership positions, but those votes in the house are now over and we can move forwardp about i think you'll see some real unity within the republican party on both sides of the capital moving forward with a bold new agenda to create new jobs, minimize the role of government and do what the american people since here to do. they sent us here to make government more effective, more efficient and accountable to the
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people. >> how can you do that when, yes, you now control the senate and harry reid is officially the minority leader now. but you don't control the white house. already you've got president obama saying i'm going to veto keystone i'm going to veto that, too, and i'm feeling more emboldened and do more executive actions. i'm feeling better than ever. i don't really care. what can you do without a republican in the white house? >> first of all, it's important to understand that there's a world of difference between a veto threat and a veto. this president had it real easy. first two years had both houses of congress under his thumb. the last four years he's had one house of congress under his thumb. he's had harry reid executing the vetoes for him. actually vetoing something is very different. if the president want to circumvent the will of the american people that they expressed in the november elections and veto legislation that would create tens of thousands of jobs and shore up america's energy independence he'll have to defend that to the american people and that will be a hard thing for him to do.
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>> the big thing folks are asking is they see the republicans now take over, you are now in control of capitol hill. are you going to be bold? are you going to as you mentioned, push for these conservative principles for which you stand? or are you going to hedge because you're worried about 2016 and not alienating anybody in anticipation of the next presidential race? >> well i think the best way to approach 2016 is for us to be bold. i think the best way for us to approach the next election cycle is to handle well the trust the american people have handed to us in this cycle. that is, we've got to stand for the things that we said we would stand for. the american people sent us here to restore limited government, to make government more effective and accountable. >> how about immigration? that's a fight yet to be had and it will roil up. how hard will they push back on
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president obama's executive action on that? >> that means how hard are we going to work to make sure the law is enforced to make sure the law is followed and make sure the constitution isn't trampled. >> how about defunding his executive action? >> we need a spending restriction. we need to restrict the president's ability to spend a single dime on an unlawful unconstitutional executive order dealing with executive amnesty. regardless of how you feel about amnesty and there are people all over the map on this issue who agree that ours is not a government of one. we don't have a king, we don't have a president who can change the law on his own and go around congress, contrary to the statute and without authority from the constitution. >> president obama spoke about wanting to cooperate with republicans and seeing there being enormous areas of potential agreement between the two parties. do you think that was just lip service or do you think he means it and do you agree? >> well, to the extent that he means that we're going to do things that will open up more
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jobs, to the extent he means that we're going to follow the law, to the means that we're going to respect the constitution, yeah, i'm all about that. i like to believe that the president of the united states who himself has sworn an oath to uphold and defend the constitution means those things. we'll see when he means in the coming weeks. i'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt on this one. but in the past he's shown that he's willing to trample it. i hope he'll discontinue and choose a better path because the american people are demanding more. >> the big headlines in most of the mainstream media today focused on john boehner not getting these votes and they like like to capitalize on any schism they see in the gop but this was a significant day in the republican party and a long time since republicans have had kroel of both chambers on capitol hill. what was the mood up there and how significant do you think it was? >> it was a very significant moment. i had a great feeling as i walked into the senate chamber today. and i saw the desks as they had
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changed edd positions. i saw the majority leader was different than just a few weeks ago. this was a moment of great optimism. i watched with great excitement as some of my newcallying including joni ernst and ben sask came into the chamber. i think there's a lot of enthusiasm and pent-up desire to legislate in a way we haven't been able to because of the kind of opposition we've had, because of the kind of obstruction we've had from the democratic leadership which has refused to allow us to cast votes which is what we're here to do. >> ultimately they were the victims of the voters going to the ballot box and casting their votes. jeb bush, mike huckabee and chris christie all making big news this week on their potential 2016 runs. brit hume is next on why it looks like a tough fight right out of the gate. plus the faculty at harvard is shocked, shocked that their
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own health care costs are going up, up i say, because of the obama care law that they helped support. still ahead, see what they tried to do when they got hit with the bill. >> but we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it away from the fog of the controversy. no super-slow-motion footage of trucks splashing through the mud. no cowboy hats, horses or hay bales.
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"the washington post" today suggested that former governor jeb bush is already reshaping the entire 2016 presidential race. and creating some early drama in what is shaping up to be a tough fight on the gop side. mr. bush today released this deo announcing a leadership pac to back conservative candidates and principles fueling talk that he is fund-raising early for a white house run. >> today we're setting up the right to rise pac which is a pac to support candidates that believe in conservative principles to allow all americans to rise up. >> this past saturday governor mike huckabee announced that he's leaving fox news in anticipation of making a decision on whether he will run for president by late spring. governor chris christie and new jersey mzalso in the news this week stoking chatter that he's cozying up to potential donors when he watched a cowboys game
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with the owner jerry jones. brit hume joins me now. i thought it was the return of pastel brit but when brit goes to florida for the winter months we expect pastel brit, instead we have navy v-neck, in any event, good to see you. >> give me time to get a little bit of color and i'll start wearing pastel again. >> good we look forward to putting together the panoply of pastel brit. let's get to jeb bush. >> yeah, i'll bet. >> is he getting into this? >> i'm sorry? >> jeb bush is he getting in? >> well, well he's doing everything he would do if you're going to get in and his early start makes a certain amount of sense for him because it gives him a chance to go out and see what kind of money he can raise and it also puts the other candidates who would be trying to occupy the same space in the republican field on the spot. he may preempt some of them. jeb bush will be a formidable candidate. he had a strong record here in
9:16 pm
the state of florida where i am now. but he has this question to confront megyn, and that is every republican presidential nominee has to make peace with the right wing of the party. it doesn't have to be the favorite -- the candidate doesn't have to be the favorite of the right wing of the party but it does have to find a way to make peace with that wing of the party. and jeb bush stance on key issues is at loggerheads with his own party and he has to find a way to deal with that. you sensed a little bit of that today in that announcement. talking about strong conservative principles. he's by and large a conservative but on a couple issues conservatives wish he were more so. >> including immigration, which is a big one in the republican party. >> immigration and of course on education, he's been a supporter of the common core standards which are widely disliked in the republican party although they emanated from the states originally they're thought to be now a federally imposed mandate that a lot of
9:17 pm
local people don't like and jeb bush is going to have to make his case on that. look, he's good. when you see him on the stump and in actioned a hear him at any length you're likely to be impressed with him. but he's got work to do. >> what about mike huckabee? because he's beloved especially by evangelicals. he left fox because he's getting immersed in potential activities. and you know, a couple years ago he said, i'm not running. he made it clear. this time he said i'm leaving because, well, i'll announce in spring. >> what these guys are all doing at this stage is seeing if they can run, which is to say, enough of a base of support enough financial support of people willing to come and join them for them to put together the elements of a campaign and make a go at it. it's not clear mike huckabee can. he has real strengths. he's real popular among evangelicals because he's one of
9:18 pm
them. and his religion is the real deal. he's also a talented politician. he's articulate, he's folksy he's likable. we all found that at fox. everybody i think likes him at fox because he's a very likable guy. >> his name is very difficult to pronounce. never mind. >> mike huckabee. >> this is a joke between me and the audience. keep going. >> oh, okay. >> you got if trouble because you sent out a tweet boy you are a great -- follow brit on twitter because he's always saying interesting things. huckabee, watch his girth. you'll know he's moved from exploring to running when it begins to shrink. then everybody said you were mean. >> well, some people thought i was mean. that's truly a political observation, not a personal one. mike huckabee has had a life-long struggle with weight. he's been quite a campaigner and crusader on the issue. and he's lost a lot of weight at times. he's written books about this subject. but it's something that he's dealt with all his life.
9:19 pm
and i remember back in 2008 he was running nearly every day, he was way slimmer than he is nowadays, and he was -- it was clear to me that was part of the campaign, for him to be slimmer trimmer, more sort of visually appealing candidate. i remember people asking me in 2012 if huckabee was running and i'd seen him and it looked pretty clear to me from his appearance at the time that he probably wasn't running. >> do you think we wouldn't elect an overweight presidential candidate? >> this is an observation that is about mike huckabee. when he's running, he loses weight. when he's not running, he doesn't. >> interesting. >> so far he hasn't. >> what about christie. does he still have a shot with all the bridge-gate et cetera baggage? >> sure he does, he has a shot. one thing you notice that he's been trying to do, by the way, is he's losing weight. although i think in those pictures of him with the dallas
9:20 pm
cowboys owner jerry jones, it looked like he could perhaps lose a little more. and i suspect he intends to. he has a shot. he's a compelling figure. he's a center right republican. he would have to make peace as jeb bush would, with the right wing of the party. it remains to be seen if he can do that. a lot of people still remember him practically holding hands with president obama in the wake of the storm there in new jersey and so forth. a lot of conservatives don't quite trust him. >> right. >> but he's a forceful pugnacious guy and people like that brand of conservatism. but he'll have the same problems that rudy giuliani had. both blunt tough talking guys. rudy giuliani his campaign ended up going nowhere. it appears to me ta the governor of new jersey has some work to do, too. >> brit, great to see you. >> thanks, megyn. nice of you to have me. >> the president of mexico today visited the white house to talk
9:21 pm
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>>see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪
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now. dr. mark siegel is a fox news correspondent and an epidemic it sounds bad and children are dying from flu? >> this particular strain, h3n2 hits the very young and the very old. it's a big enabler meaning it causes other diseases to parade in. people with hart disease are more likely to have a heart attack if they get this flu, it knocks down your immune system and you get very fatigued. you get muscle aches. if you get pneumonia or bronchitis or a heart issue, you end up in the hospital. over 100,000 hospitalizations a year with this kind of strain.
9:26 pm
people aren't expecting flu this late because the last couple of years it's been another strain that peaks earlier. this is an unusual case of flu but bad case of it. >> how did it get to epidemic levels? especially with your kid. you can't take your kid to the doctor without him saying get the flu vaccination. you can do it up the nose or the shot for the babies. why is everybody getting it? >> 43 states widespread, the time of year that you get it because it spreads by droplets, people coughing and sneezing on one another, not watching it touching surfaces. but the shot doesn't look like it's a very good match for the flu. a, we have a severe flu and, b, we don't have a great match because the flu changes all the time, the flu virus. it changed away from the shot. i still want everyone out there to get it. you still can get it now. you know why? even in a bad match year, it decreases your risk of those hospitalizations by about 40%. >> how much can tamiflu help you if you get the flu?
9:27 pm
>> a big deal. i love the idea of taking tamiflu earlier in the game especially if you're in a high risk population. if you're pregnant, have a chronic illness very young, very old kids with asthma. if you have fatigue, if you have muscle if you got fever, suddenly, sniffles, cough, headache, think flu. those muscle aches are a big giveaway. >> i don't understand how a child dies. i understand that the flu makes you vulnerable, then what happens? the child just gets exposed to pneumonia and then pneumonia is not always deadly. i don't understand how the children are dying. >> you already hit that. that's the biggest problem is that pneumonia comes in it can come in very very fast. a lot of the times tragically the kids are dying because they don't get to the hospital fast enough. >> how do you tell if your child has crossed over from just having a cold into oh my gosh this is actually flu which has subjected them to something else than that. >> you just look for a change in behavior. if your kid looks lethargic, not
9:28 pm
responding the way they did before, because it's not always fever. sometimes you see a high fever, sometimes you don't. they're not looking at you the same way. get them in to be checked get that flu shot. >> so disturbing. i think i can officially say that i have the flu and i'll try not to cough on you. >> you're getting over it. we have to isolate people with the flu here. >> you got to play hurt in my job. but if this had been saturday there's no way i would have showed up, because the muscle aches are terrible. you feel like you got hit by a mack truck. the president of mexico was today at the white house calling president obama's immigration order a quote, act of justice. laura ingraham is next with a different take on justice. plus, 25 years ago back to the future made some very bold predictions about what life would look like today in the year 2015. we'll show you how they did when the delorean warms up, in just a bit.
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from the world headquarters of fox news, it's "the kelly file" with megyn kelly. well, the president of mexico was at the white house today calling president obama's immigration executive order a, quote, act of justice, and a very intelligent idea. media reports talked about how border crossings are down and things are going very well. well, the polling still shows the majority of americans do not like how this executive action unfolded. joining me now, laura ingraham, host of the nationally syndicated radio talk show the
9:33 pm
laura ingraham show and democratic congressman luis gutierrez from illinois. we begin with laura. the mainstream media reporting that it went great today and both presidents are very pleased with this order. it's intelligent and it's justice. >> yeah, well, you know, i'm not surprised that the president of mexico is happy with what the president has done with this executive amnesty. i mean, i get it. he wants to relieve pressure from mexico to have to deal with obviously their own issues with employment, low wage workers. it's easier for mexico not to have people repatriated back home who haven't been there in a while. so for him, the executive amnesty is a good deal. i get that, i understand that completely. it was interesting today megyn, that the president actually said in his statement that the united states is going to be far more aggressive. he use the word "aggressive" at the border to make sure people come here legally. i haven't heard him use the word
9:34 pm
"aggressive" before, but the proof will be in the pudding, contrary to what they're saying my sources tell me that we're poised to have yet another series of waves of people coming into this country illegally when the weather gets a little bit more hospitable and perhaps when the springtime comes. so my sources are not saying that things are all hunky-dory on the border. reduce the levels but still a real problem for the american worker who needs jobs and wages that are going up. >> the mexican president seems to be saying i'll do everythingic toeverything ic i can to support this. i'll tell people don't go running over the border because this applies to a limited group of people. you have to be there since 2010 and ba, ba ba, and tamp down the beliefs that people have of crossing the border and coming to the u.s. >> we know one thing. the people that came over the last year or so a lot of the
9:35 pm
teenagers and so forth family units, the last report was -- i think you covered it -- 96% of them have not shown up for immigration hearings. they're not going home. contrary to what the president initially said they're not going home. they're with their sponsors, they're soon going to be -- you know, they're already in public school, they're in their communities. they're not going home. so what is the message to central america or mexico or beyond if you want to come here illegally? maybe you won't be getting the executive amnesty maybe not, but you're not going to be deported you won't be sent back home because if you have a sponsor, some tie to the community, some congressman or maybe the president himself will say, oh my goodness we can't send people home, that would be callous, that's not justice. so as long as people know they'll be able to stay once they get a toe hold across the border, then we'll have more people coming across the border. you almost can't blame them. >> the american people are still
9:36 pm
not behind the president's move on this. they wanted some sort of immigration reform, but they do not like the president handling this the way he did after he spent six years telling them he didn't have the authority to do it until one day he woke up and said, oh, yes, i do and i'm doing it. does that even matter now? it's been done. >> what the people want doesn't really matter. when people say well the people want immigration reform, you have to slice that up a little bit, right? you can't just say immigration reform. that means different things to different people. so the last poll that was done -- this is just of republicans -- emc research about 4% give or take on the accuracy of the poll. but just among republicans, let's take republicans, 70% reported that they didn't want one penny of federal tax dollars going to implement the president's executive amnesty. 70%, megyn that's a significant percentage. last time i checked other than maybe luis gutierrez, no
9:37 pm
congressmen campaigned op amnesty, they campaigned for this generic idea of immigration reform which is kind of a kennard. it means having borders, having wages that go up for legal americans and legal immigrants first and then we'll be in a position to help a lot more countries and people all over the world, not just in central america and all over the world. right now people are hurting. >> that word "reform" is vague at best. laura, great to see you. joining me with more democratic congressman luis gutierrez of illinois. good to see you tonight. >> hey megyn. >> let's start with that last point that the american people are still not in favor of how this went through but it happened. you said recently you don't think it can be undone. why not? >> well i think the executive order of the president of the
9:38 pm
united states was not only the right thing to do, but i think it's the constitution and he has the authority. an authority megyn, that was granted to him through the congress of the united states. >> even though he said for six years he did not. >> look, i can only say this. i argued with the president this point, many others he has attorneys, he has wonderful people that he's put and jeh johnson did a great job of putting together a package that plentied to the president. and he was convincing in that sense. >> he must have been because he turned around sick years of arguments by barack obama. >> here's all i'm going to say. it's done. >> i agree. it's done. that's fine. we don't need to rehash the authority even though the president said for six years he didn't have it. that might be a sticking point for a lot of americans. >> i got it. look. i think more and more americans as they learn about the program are going to agree with the program. now, i in my district in chicago put an event together, 500
9:39 pm
families came together, 1300 people got ready. that was in one event on one saturday. 1300 more people got ready then. you know who showed up? american citizen children introducing their parents american citizen children introducing their moms and dads being reunited and thankful with their children. we have a broken immigration system. we have children whose parents are undocumented. here's what they're getting ready to do they're getting ready to pay the government. i mean come on, laura knows better. she really does. if i can just get this in because i think it's very important. oh, the american people don't want a dollar spent on the implementation. the american people won't spend a dollar on the implementation because the congress of the united states only authorizes the department of homeland security to collect bonds to pay for the implementation of the program. >> that's the problem. >> the funding is there. >> let me respond. that's the problem for the republicans on capitol hill who
9:40 pm
want to defund this executive action is there may not be anything they can defund although jeff sessions in the senate says there is. we'll see as this republican-controlled senate goes forward. >> you shouldn't make arguments about -- it's the same old argument, the american people are paying. they're not paying. who is paying for this are those people who are coming forward they're going through a security background check. i think that's a good thing. that means 1300 people that the government didn't know anything about on one saturday morning said we're ready to pay so we can pay for our fingerprints and go through a security check and get right with the law. it's a myth and a fantasy that you're going to deport 11 million people. so why don't we get them on the books? our border is more secure today -- >> the republicans say -- >> i understand. >> comprehensive law. >> but megyn. >> if the president hadn't just taken his pen and said he had the authority that he said for
9:41 pm
six years he didn't have. >> two things the president said he would do it if congress refused to act. the congress could act. i hope this congress does act. >> no. >> i hope that the next time we don't get like laura ingraham and then you and i get a fight. why don't you and i fight? that's a fair newscast. >> because this is fox news. we do fair and balanced. >> okay. >> we do laura ingraham and luis gutierrez. >> yeah, but i got to fight with you, too. >> do i challenge you about what you say about these families? no, i do not. but do i challenge you on this nonsense that president obama he said all along -- that's bull. you know for six years he said he didn't have the authority. you were one of his biggest critics. >> no, laura -- >> no megyn. >> but laura -- i knew all the time he had the authority. and i won that argument. >> no, you didn't. he -- >> then who won the argument,
9:42 pm
laura? >> he said i was persuaded. he never said that. he came out and said, i never said i didn't have the authority. that's what he wanted us to believe. >> can i just say one thing? we argued with this administration for years. >> i know. you've been consistent. but barack obama has not been. >> mr. president you have -- >> i know. i'll give that you point. i got to go. i got to go. congressman good to see you. >> all right, megyn, good to see you. >> new fallout when the faculty at harvard learned that their own health care costs were going up because of the obama care law they supported. see what they tried to do when they got hit with the bill. marc thiessen's here. >> advocated the affordable care act. and they basically said this is a great deal for america. but now when they have to pay more, they're up in arms about it. isn't that a little check it out! i'm sending a tweet. tweet! that's not how it works, grandpa. you think i am out of touch. i saved 15 percent on car insurance in just 15 minutes.
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. developing tonight stunned new reaction from the campus of harvard university where prominent members of the faculty were among the greatest advocates of obama care and now some of those professors are revolting against the reforms many of them supported. marc thiessen is a former speech writer to george w. bush, a fellow at the american enterprise institute and a fox news contributor. and they're shocked, shocked that their deductibles are going up and they find it quote deplorable, marc. >> apparently jonathan gruber had it wrong.
9:47 pm
it wasn't just the american voter who were too stupid to understand obama care it was over the heads of the harvard faculty. >> i feel better. much better. they're smart. >> these professors apparently believed barack obama when he said you can keep your health plan, and they believed barack obama when he said your health plan is going to reduce costs by $2500 per family. >> but the thing is -- the thing they find, and i quote, deplorable is so much better the plan they're on has changed because of obama care but it's so much better than what the actual affordable care act participants that have to go on obama care, the folks that have to get the bronze plan or the silver plan, they've got it made compared to those people. >> absolutely. harvard -- people on obama care would kill to have the plan that harvard has. they pay 91% of their health care costs. what are they complaining about? they're complaining their deductibles -- are you ready --
9:48 pm
have gone up $250 for individuals and $750 for a family. >> per year. >> per year. you know what the estimates are for obama care for 2015? bronze plan, $5,000 for individuals, $10,000 for a family. silver plan, 3,000 for individuals, 6,000 for a family. gold plan is 1,200 for an individual and 2600 for a family. and these people are complaining about a $250 deductible? this is what has harvard in an outrage? unbelievable. >> they were the ones, these harvard professors were out there talking about how obama care was going to lower the cost and people didn't have to worry because people who thought that their deductibles were going to go up, actually it was lower cost for them. >> you remember the cadillac tax. jonathan gruber said we'll mislabel it and say it's a tax on insurance companies instead of on individuals. apparently the harvard professors bought that.
9:49 pm
these people are complaining -- there's one professor who has been very vocal about this, a professor of classics. this is aa guy that can read virgil in the original latin but can't read obama care in english. you got a professor who said -- this is a quote, it's the equivalent of taxing the sick. i don't think there's any government in the world that taxes the sick. there is one, it's called the united states government under obama care. medical device tax? who uses medical devices? sick people. i mean these people don't understand what's in the law. >> what's going to happen -- here's my question to you. what's going to happen if this same problem rears its head over at m.i.t. where our friend jonathan gruber works? it will be a little awkward to walk down the hall for him. >> a little awkward in the faculty lounge. you know what they did when they found out the plan was so awful was going up? they convened the faculty senate and voted to repeal it. these are the same people who
9:50 pm
were criticizing republicans for trying to repeal obama care. this is what's happening on our college campuses. >> virgil. you're smart, too. i'll have to go see what you're talking about. good to see you marc. roughly 25 years ago, "back to the future" made some very bold predictions about what life would look like in some distant futuristic time. the year 2015. today we'll show you what they got right and what they did not. >> doc, you better back up. we don't have enough road to get up to 88. >> roads? where we're going, we don't need road you pay your auto insurance premium every month on the dot. you're like the poster child for paying on time. and then one day you tap the bumper of a station wagon. no big deal... until your insurance company jacks up your rates. you freak out. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? hey insurance companies, news flash. nobody's perfect.
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9:53 pm
what's going on huh? where are we?
9:54 pm
when are we? >> we're just heading toward hill valley, california, at 4:29 p.m. on wednesday october 21st, 2015. >> 2015? we're in the future! >> some 25 years ago the movie "back to the future part 2" made very bold predictions about what life would look like in the year 2015. so how'd they do on their predictions? >> when robert zemeckis directed "back to the future 2" he said his goal was to make a funny movie not to predict the future because he would get it wrong. some of his predictions were off the mark and some came true to a certain extent. for example, in the movie marty mcfly's kids use a glasses phone. watch. >> dad, it's for you. >> today we have a much better version of that called google
9:55 pm
glass. and remember this from the movie? play it. >> hey hey hey, hey. stop. little girl, little girl, stop. look, i need to borrow your hover board. >> marty's hover board, the skateboard that floats on air could pretty much do anything except go across water. today we have the hover board that does hover but isn't the best way to escape the bad guys. where would marty mcfly be without his nike high tops? back then you had to lace up your own. but in 2015 they thought the shoes would lace themselves. it hasn't really happened. but nike contends it will have a self-lacing shoe by october of this year. marty mcfly didn't hit the future until october of 2015 so nike still has ten months to go. no super-slow-motion footage of trucks
9:56 pm
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tomorrow night mitch mcconnell is here. set your dvrs. what do you think will be differen live from america's news headquarters, i'm kelly wright. an indonesian official confirming they found the tail of the flight airasia 8501 in
10:00 pm
the java sea. there is still no sign of the crucial black box flight recorders. it was carrying 162 people when it plunged into the java sea. one victim and the alleged gunman are dead following a shooting at a veteran's clinic in el paso texas. revealing no possible motive of the attack or the identities of the shooter or victim. agents are processing the crime scene and will interview dozens of witnesses there seeking medical care. now, stay tuned for "hannity." the honorable john a. boehner is duly elected speaker of the house of representatives for the 114th congress. >> big drama in the house of representatives toda


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